Close to the sun.

Reaching New heights requires experience, confidence and courage. All of the Masters and Grandmasters below reflect the best of each.

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Future, Present and Past

China's Hou Yi Fan (left) is currently the strongest active female player in the world. Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk (center) is the current Women's World Champion. Sweden's Pia Cramling (right) has been a force for women's chess since the 1980s.

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Role Models & Organizers

Super Grandmaster Judit Polgar (left) is now retired from active tournament play, representing Hungary among the top 10 players in the world. Parents, organizers and students, above right, have in Judit, a great ambassador for girls and the game.

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WGM Martha Fierro, born in Ecuador, is South America's strongest representative. Educated in New York, her love for chess as a sport has propelled her across the globe - promoting, organizing and playing everywhere she can.

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National Champions

Grandmaster Irina Krush is 7-time US Women's Champion and possibly the strongest North American female player in history. Certainly the hardest working player, as an immigrant to the USA at a young age, she is a portrait of the American dream.

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Women's Former World Champion Susan Polgar is a leader in chess education. Spearheading many girl's invitational events, she also sponsors and organizes internationals in St. Louis at her base at Webster University.

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Hall of Fame

Many great players of the past have missed much respect for their handling of "the Gentleman's Game". Most deserve their own "Hall of Fame" and can stand on their own.